Our Privileges

Selecting a Minibus:

Since the market for buses is big and there are different tricks for fraud, we at Masis can help you find and buy a bus. Once we understand your requirements as Brand / Model / Year of Production / Budget, we start searching for the most suitable minibus for you. After finding the bus you are looking for, we review and evaluate on-site and service, and then we evaluate whether it is worth buying or doing the search. In this way we save you valuable time, and we make the first step in building your Luxury Camping from "Masis".


Once we have a base for the Kempera, one of the non-light tasks is to make the right design for your comfort while traveling, relaxing or sleeping. We monitor for every wish and requirement, give advice and recommendations, make drawings of the finished project for a better visual presentation.

Equipment Selection:

"Masis" has ready-made basic variants of equipment that include the most important things. Of course, the customer has the last word in the choice of equipment, so you can add or remove appliances at your discretion. We work with the German Camper Equipment Store, all the appliances have a factory warranty.


Since our very creation we have been aiming to make Luxury Campers at affordable prices. The furniture is the Achilles heel in a camper. Even with super expensive equipment, if the furniture is not aesthetically beautiful and modern and does not create a comfort and comfort, everything else is irrelevant. We, from Masis, pay great attention to the details, the furniture made by Us gives a luxury, comfort and a wooing atmosphere. The customer chooses the color combinations of the furniture of more than 200 types.


For the unique finish of an interior, it is essential that the Meat Furniture be at the level. For this purpose, we offer our Customers to choose Fabrics of over 100 types and colors, Natural skins of over 10 colors, Eco skins of over 150 colors, which can be combined with each other. Sew specially for your camper with lots of attention to detail.


And to get a beautiful vintage look, We put designer foil for more impressive and luxurious look.

After these steps, you are the proud owner of the New and Super Luxury Kemper manufactured specifically for you by "Masis".