Masis H2L4

Brand: Masis
Product Code: H2L4
Availability: 45-50 Days



Basic equipment:

External power supply

Shower Trays

Charger for battery

Angular bath sink

LED lighting

Bathroom window

Control panel PC 100

Luxury furniture

External water supply


Tank of clean water 75l.

Seat with seat belts

Reservoir of dirty water 75l.

Large Bed / Small Bed

Elgena boiler 6l.

Rotating front seats

Gas stove + sink (with glass cover)

Windows 70 x 35 cm in the bedroom

Thetford refrigerator Gas/12/220

Windows 80 x 45 cm to the table

Thetford WC 

Windows 80 x 45 cm to the kitchen


Roof window Fiamma 40 х 40 см

LED awning light 

Roof window Dometic 40 x 40 см

Mass with extra wing

Window on the rear 2 doors 50 х 50 см

Decorative LED lighting

Bathroom window

Seats Textile and eco leather

Adapter for roof window

Seats leather

Mosquito window with film 

Bed with moving middle part

Mosquito screen side (slide) door 

Decorative curtain at the table

Stepped side (slide) door manual

Multimedia with DVD player, GPS, Bluetooth, Touch Screen 

Stepped side (slide) door electric

Audio system Pioneer

Solar panel 12v 100w

Additional Speakers Pioneer

Solar panel 12v 175w

Rear view camera

Spoiler for solar panel 

Films on customer design

Inverter Complete Sine wave 12/220v 500w 

Insoles for the driver and the passenger

Pure water tank 126 l.

Sun visor for front windows

Manual valve original with 73 mm aperture

Original passenger seat (used)

Stove Truma S3004

Seat rotation mechanism 1pcs.

Air conditioning 12v

Hinged door with smooth closing 1pcs.

Petrol stove with fan 

Satellite dish semiautomatic

Refrigerator Thetford N3100  Gas/12/220v 81l.

Awning Fiamma F45s 350 см

Refrigerator Haier ordinary 220v 82l.

Awning Fiamma F45s 400 см